Disappointed customer hardwire device looses charge

Rings response to this faulty device is unacceptable. A 4 page article about how to turn off security settings on your device to extend battery life. Ridiculous!

First, customers buy hardwired devices expecting them to work under the the feed of their home’s electricity. At the most the battery is a backup.

Second, with a constant feed, there should be NO reason to reduce the “security device’s” advanced features.

Three, buy more “accessories to make it work” is highway robbery. If you know your devices are not operating as advertised, replace them or send refunds.

Don’t bother telling us how we can exten the battery life of our hardwired devices. If we wanted a rechargeable device, we would not have purchased “HARDWIRED” devices.

Fix the problem and provide the proper customer service.

Hi @Kraegan. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. I do want to note that while you can connect battery powered Ring Doorbells to an existing doorbell circuit, this does not make it a hardwired Doorbell. Battery powered Doorbells will always be powered by the battery, and the doorbell circuit provides the battery with a trickle charge to help extend the amount of time between charges. We have more information on that here. If you’re looking for a device that never needs to be charged, you may want to consider a hardwired Doorbell, which is powered via the wiring rather than a rechargeable battery.