Disabling the blue LED

recently we had an attempted nightime burglary and the first thing they did was see the blue recording light and therefore disbale the camera.
is it possible to prevent the blue led from turning on when the camera is recording to avoid the camera being seen at night?

Hi @andy1234. The Ring app does not have an option to disable the blue LED light that signifies when your Doorbell or Camera is recording. We have heard this feedback before on our Feature Request board, so you’re welcome to add your feedback to that thread.

Hi Andy,

I purchased these from Amazon and put them over my blue lights on the cameras on the front of my house so no one could tell when it was recording. I actually had to use two of the dot stickers on top of each other to fully block it out. They are very helpful. Not sure how long they will last or through next summer, but the package comes with a lot so I won’t mind if I have to replace and put on new ones every 6 months or every year.

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Hope this helps!!
= )