Disabling ring devices when working outside

I need some help when I am working outside around my ring doorbell and my ring patio motion light I want to be able to turn both of those off, not snooze them because even though I snooze them on my two devices my husband still gets him at his work on his devices so unless he goes in and snoozes his devices he keeps getting notifications every time I walk by how do you turn these off for say two or three hours so that it doesn’t go to any device.

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I have this same issues. I have 3 sensors in the front of my house and I would like to have a way to snooze all devices with a click of a button. Is this possible and when will it be. This is a big feature for people who have invested in the ring system.

Hey neighbors! You could achieve a snooze of your devices by disabling them temporarily through our new Modes feature. Please note that this is only for Ring Cameras and Doorbells at this time, so your Smart Lighting, you will need to explore putting it on a motion schedule, which you can do through the Ring app under the Ring Bridge settings!