Disabling ring alarm from z-wave door lock for a third party (e.g. dogwalker)

I am thinking about getting a Ring system, but want to purchase a z-wave compatible door lock (e.g. Schlage Connect lock) to enable or disable the alarm from the lock. I want to have one code for the family, and another code for people like a dog walker.


According to the ring FAQ, I can’t use codes that are created in the door lock, only in the ring app. So can I create a family code, and another special code for my dog walker from the ring app that when entered into the lock also disable the alarm?

For example, if my family code was 1234, and my dog walker code was 4321, when I enter 1234 or 4321 in the ring alarm keypad, or at the lock it disables or enables the alarm?

Is there one place to enter these codes, or do I have to:

a) set ring alarm system codes of 1234 and 4321 in the ring alarm app

b) go to the lock app (e.g. schlage) and enter 1234 and 4321 also?

Or is this done with some other means?


Do I have to use the same arm and disarm codes at the smart lock that I use on my Ring Alarm keypad? Yes. Only codes created in the Ring app will work with this feature. Any codes created within the smart lock itself will not work with this feature.

Hey @keyit. When you purchase the Ring Alarm system and set it up, you will have an option to create the code for yourself, the owner, which in turn your whole family can use. When you create this code, it is good for the keypad. Once you add on the Smart Lock that is compatible with the Ring Alarm, it automatically syncs up with the code(s) you have created on your alarm system.

Then, once everything is set up, you will have to go under the Ring app > Settings > Users. You will see your name under Owner, and you can always manage/change your code from there. Then you will see a blue button at the bottom that says “Add User,” which you will tap to add a Guest user, which you can label as dog walker. This is where you’ll create the code for them, and since your lock will already be synced, the code will work automatically!

You can learn more about the difference between Shared Users and Guest Users in our Ring Help Center Article here, and then also learn more about how to set the Smart Lock to arm/disarm your Ring Alarm here.