Disable view on echo

So I have this newly installed and still trying to work this out.
My current setup shows the front door on my mobile phone and automatically shows the door on the echo show at home when the doorbell is pressed . I have noticed that the echo show will not automatically shut off after a while and still shows the front door on the screen until it is told to stop (there is also a blue light on the doorbell constantly until the display stops)
Is there a way to fix this? because, if I am not at home, I don’t want my front door to be shown on the echo show and the doorbell to have a blue light all day until I’m home and can tell the echo show to stop. …

Hey @ag52020. As long as you are not answering the Live View from the Echo Show, like tapping the screen or talking to the person on the other side, then the Live View should close down after 30-60 seconds. If you are not having this happen, please disable and then re-enable the Ring skill on Alexa. From there, have someone ding your Doorbell, and ensure the Live View ends after about a minute of the ding and it showing up!

Thank you. The echo dot did a second update when I just got it new and the issue fixed. ?

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