Disable siren on base station

As many people are getting older, folks are looking for solutions on how to help keep a person in their home longer, living independently or with a little assistance. In cases like this, the person’s children are really just looking for an alert system that has many of the features of a security system (like knowing when the front door was opened, checking on the person via a camera), but not the blaring siren part.

It would be wonderful if you could provide a way in the app only (for safety and security) to permanently mute the alarm siren on the base station.

This allows us to use the entire system as a nice security blanket for our loved one, setting schedules on when we want the alerts, etc. without the blaring siren ever going off (or us worrying it might accidentally be triggered if someone accidentally arms the system). It would seem like this is an easy option to provide, and would really help people in this sort of situation (as I’m in). Thanks for your consideration.

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Hi @bostongio. If you’re looking to use the Ring Alarm system as a means of knowing when doors or windows are opened, you can leave the system in Disarmed Mode and still receive notifications. You can control alerts for each Sensor on the device profile page, but they are not tied specifically to the Mode you have the system in. This may be useful as a workaround since the options you’re requesting aren’t available at this time.

With that said, you’re welcome to add your feedback to this request for being able to adjust the volume of the siren or turn it off altogether. As for controlling notifications based on which Mode the system is in, that would be this request. Since those are two different requests, you can vote on each one and add your feedback. It’s helpful for us to have similar requests consolidated under one post, that way we can easily review feedback. :slight_smile:

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