Disable or change battery push notification


Since a couple of days my Ring doorbell sends a push notification when the battery is at 30% or 20%. This notification is using the same sound as when someone rings the door which is confusing when someone is actually ringing the doorbell.

Is there a way to turn off this notification or change the sound for it?

We’re using iPhones and iPads with the Ring Video Doorbell “1”

Thank you!

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Hi. How do I stop my doorbell from ringing as if someone is at the door, when I the battery gets to 30% and 20%. It’s only just started doing this, and it woke us up at 05.27 this morning.

Hey neighbors! There is not a way to turn off this Low Battery notification at this time or change the alert tone type. Rest assured I have passed on this feedback to the appropriate teams and we are looking for alternative solution at this time, as I have also seen this on my Ring app/phone and found it confusing at first too. I will make sure to keep you updated here if we are able to make any changes in the near future to this feature, and appreciate the patience in the meantime. :slight_smile:

This is taking too long to resolve, the notification woke us and our dogs up around 5 am this morning as well. If Ring is unable to figure out a solution revert to the previous non intrusive method as this is not a customer friendly/requested change.