Disable night vision on Ring Pro video doorbell

With our porch light on we can see everything fine and in color all the way from our house to up and down the block. If something blocks the porch light for a few seconds, the doorbell pops into night vision and stays there. In night vision it’s so dark you can only see about a foot from the doorbell. Everything beyond is completely dark. Is there some way to disable night vision from clicking on?


Right now I think the only camera that lets you disable the IR lights is the new indoor camera. At least my stick-ups cams and doorbell do not. I also do not understand why Ring would not enable this on all devices, there are many lighting situations where this would be desireable. Maybe now that one cam has this feature Ring will add it to the others in the next update?


Great question @Sue6058 ! Our devices are designed to be as adaptive or intuitive as possible to any given environment. That being said, with differences in lighting and low light conditions, sometimes it needs a little fine tuning. While there is not a way to disable night vision entirely, there is an option to optimize a color night vision view.

Please visit the Video Doorbell Pro in your Ring app > select “Device Settings” > Select Video Settings > toggle on the Color Night Vision feature. This will improve the colorization of the picture in areas that are sufficiently illuminated. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be an option on non-Pro doorbells. My doorbell is stuck in constant night vision.


Correct. Only on Powered Ring devices are you allowed to enable enhanced night vision. Battery powered devices do not have this option.

No, my ring doorbell is powered.

yes its irritating on constant black & white. i too have lights outside my house & deprived of a color view. How hard is it to enable that option!? … blink cameras have it!


I really wish this could be an option to completely disable night vision. With night vision and the reflection of the IR on our porch you can see nothing. When night vision is off every once and awhile the picture is so much better


I have also raised the same issue with support and I wish ring actually listens to customer feedback and don’t just stubbornly repeat that it is not possible. I am sure that it is extremely simple just to add a setting to disable the infrared LED.

It is one of the most irritating thing about my doorbell pro. We live on well lit street and the doorbell works perfectly well without the LED. With the LEDs I can hardly see anything, because there is bin nearby, which reflect the LED light. The LED switches on if someone walks past the doorbell and stays on whole night.

My workaround is to stick some black tape on the top of the LED. This makes it better, but still worse than not having the LED on at all.


I have to say I completly agree, when I initially installed my Ring Pro a few months back the night time vision was actually really good. Everything was showing in Colour as I had switched on the the Colour Night Vision option.

However in recent weeks I’ve noticed the night vision kicking for almost all movement and this results in the video turning black and white and when someone comes to the door they are very difficult to see, and I don’t have a porch light on. See the attached images, First one is in Colour and is nice and clear, and this is what I was seeing all the time for the first month. Now the night vision lighting kicks in and I end up with what’s seen in the 2nd image attached. Bright, black and white and quite blurry.
PLEASE provide a means of disabling this.


Hey neighbors! If you visit the Doorbell Pro’s device settings in the Ring app, there is an option for color night vision that you can enable or disable. Depending on the environment, this may improve low light image quality. Adding a light to the area can help with night vision or color adjustment as well. I hope this help! :slight_smile:

The “Color Night Vision” option from what I can see is absolutely useless. Switching it on/off makes no difference whatsoever to my video quality. I just want the ability to simply not have the doorbell switch on it’s internal night vision.


I don’t have the Pro Doorbell, but it doesn’t seem like a Pro feature to me.

We have several Ring cams, doorbell, floodlight and stick ups. We have one set up in our dog kennels so we can keep an eye on our foster pups. We’re in a cold climate and have to use heat lamps to keep them warm. W/out being able to disable night vision, we can’t see anything near the heat lamps, which defeats the purpose of watching newborn pups. Please make this an option in settings. The color night vision setting makes no difference.



I have the same problem.

There is a lot of light in front of my house and the video was very bright and impossible to see people’s faces. It was very white.

I tried to find a way to disable infrared lamps but I didn’t find a way in the app. The company’s support didn’t know how to do that either.
I solved it in a simple way that works for me. As I do not need and do not use the motion detection I simply put two pieces of electrical tape over the infra red lamps.
The video is much better now.

This is the second device I install - same model - because I have two different doors. The old one does not turn on the infra red lamps when I open the video. The new one that I installed today always turn on these lamps so I put black tapes covering these lamps.

My device is not the Pro version. I don’t have the color night option.

I hope this can help.


The infrared on the Ring Doorbell Pro is double trouble in my opinion. We had been getting a pretty good color night video until Nov 20 at 4:09am when a bright light flashed on our Ring Pro Doorbell and it went to low light black and white. I contacted Ring. They viewed the video and felt it was a camera malfunction and sent another camera. Installed new camera. Still bad night video. Then installed wedges Ring sent as solution. Still bad night video. Then installed new transformer upon Ring’s suggestion. . Still bad night video. Tonight, I took electrical tape and covered the entire infrared on our Ring Doorbell Pro and guess what? We now have the better quality color video back we had before Nov 20. Ring should have option to turn off infrared. Two images attached. One shows night image with infrared. The other clearer image is after infrared was covered with electrical tape.

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Glad it went back to work.
I just wondered if we both had the same idea or if you put the tape on after reading my post.
I will post two photos to show how impossible it was to identify anyone before I put the tape on.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ldrz1vw1i539mh/after.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/q4kokhg352yildf/Before.jpg?dl=0

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Hello. I read your comment and went to my own Video Settings … and there is no Color Night Vision option. What gives with that. This darn thing (is that better) was purchased two months ago or so.

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My Ring is next to a white mailbox (my best option) so of course that almost completely mars my night view. My $25 WYZE cam doesn’t have that issue.

Have you tried to cover infrared lights with black tape?

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