Disable keypad's "full battery" indicator LED light

There are many posts on redit and the likes about ring alarm customers who have a keypad in the bedroom and the bright green light is far too bright, causing some to go as far as putting electrical tape over the indicator or purchasing a smart outlet that turns on and off on a schedule. We shouldnt have to go to such lengths…

Regardless, if the keypad is wall mounted and permanently plugged in it is a squander of energy to constantly tell me the battery is fully charged. Perhaps a better use of this LED would be to tell me when there is a fault with the battery (not charging, discharging, bad battery, etc) rather than stay on forever?

Please add an option to turn the “full battery” light off.

Regarding the alarm status lights (home, away, disarmed) personally I like these indicator lights to be on constantly when plugged in and not on power saver. Because its an alarm keypad, all I care to know when I glance at it is; if my alarm is armed, or if there is anything wrong with it. That said, it would be greatly appreciated if when adding the option to turn off the “full battery” light, y’all don’t turn off the alarm status lights with it.

Thanks ring for taking the time to read this and hopefully pass it to the team who can impliment it!


Thank you for the well written feature request. Keypad power and LED states are definitely in the sights of our Alarm team. Keep these wish list items coming, we love passing them along in hopes to meet all our neighbors’ needs.


This is definitely a needed feature that battery light is irritating


This. This is literally what I’ve been trying to find in the app. Why is there a 1000 lumen green light to tell me nothing is wrong? Please disable this light. We’re literally considering returning this over the light, it lights the entire room at night.


Agreed! Please allow us to disable that light


Just installed RIng this week and a second keypad by our bed. The green battery light is so bright it’s casting shadows around the room. I’ll be covering it with tape tomorrow morning. Please fix this ASAP.


Based on publicly available information (reddit & ring community forum), this seems to be the most requested feature this year. It would be greatly appreciated for the engineers to add this considering they’ve already added a brightness slider for the status icons that was barely requested compared to disabling this bright green LED.

Does ring really want customers putting electrical tape over these LEDs as a solution? Because that is becoming a growing trend and is not too appealing to potential new customers when my friends ask why i have tape on my keypad


We have tape on ours. Horror!


The green light should turn on if the unit is unplugged or flag green for charging—and not add glow into my entire upstairs.


This is so irritating. The light should only be on when just the battery is in use, the battery has an issue, battery is low or perhaps NEVER, since I can see the battery status or get battery alerts in the app.

  1. Why is the battery light so huge? It’s comically huge for a battery led indicator.

  2. What is the point of allowing me to dim all other lights, if it doesn’t dim the brightest one!?


Agreed on ability to turn off the battery light.

  1. It would be nice if the green battery indicator only illuminated:
    a) when the solid green light would NOT otherwise appear; and
    b) when the keypad illuminates (after key press or hand wave as applicable.

… until then we’ll cover it with tape and look at the app.


Good news, neighbors! We’ve updated the app with the ability to control LED brightness. Check out this post by Riley on what this update includes and how to use it. As always, let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update Marley_Ring.

Unfortunately, my experience with the update is that it does NOT control the brightness of the Battery indicator on the keypad.

I’m new to Ring (great product and service), and had the latest app (version 5.16.0), when I discovered that the battery indicator, which illuminates dark bedrooms at night, cannot be controlled by the LED brightness controller that you highlighted in your post. The brightness of other LEDs seems to be controlled by it.

I’m looking forward to be able to control the battery indicator lamp.



Thanks @Fredo , we stand corrected. At this time, the Battery LED can not be controlled. We’ve sent over this request to the team and will certainly continue to update you with any information. Thanks!

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@Marley_Ring wrote:

Thanks @Fredo , we stand corrected. At this time, the Battery LED can not be controlled. We’ve sent over this request to the team and will certainly continue to update you with any information. Thanks!

We wont hold our breath considering y’all have thought black electrical tape is an acceptable solution, while adding a brightness slider to turn down the status lights that nobody asked for in record breaking time


It’s not necessarily just a matter of firmware, there has to be controlling circuitry in place to dim an LED. Since there seems to be only two states for the battery LED (off and on), there may only be on-off switching circuitry in place for the firmware to control. If that’s the case, it will take a HARDWARE upgrade to be able to control the brightness of that LED.

(the circuitry providing this functionality must have already been in place for the buttons, which I suppose are a separate assembly part)

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Thats fine, give us the ability to disable / turn it off then


@j0fer, I fear you are right about it not having the circuitry, otherwise I can’t understand how they would not have included it in the last update for dimming lights.

Hopefully they let us know Either way. I’ve already contemplated taking the keypad apart and disabling the LED myself but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it can be fixed with software.

I won’t buy a new keypad just for that…

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