Disable Indoor Camera Siren

I would like to use an indoor camera in the babys room as it links well with the other ring cameras and i dont need the features of specific baby cameras. The problem is i have the ring alarm which means if the alarm goes off in the night (i’ve had plenty of false alarms) it blasts the siren in the babys room. As i have the alarm with a siren in the base station and a few external cameras, i have no reason for the siren to go off the babys room. It would be nice to have a way to disable it.

Hi @Spectron2k. You can unlink the Indoor Cam from the Ring Alarm system so the siren will only play when you manually trigger it. This can be done under the Linked Devices tile in the Ring app and toggling the siren option off for the Indoor Cam. For more information on this feature, please check out this Community post.

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