Disable doorbell alert

Hi everyone,

My dog recently had liver surgery and needs to be limited in her activity. If the doorbell rings she gets very bothered and goes on full on house protection mode. Obviously that’s not optimal. I’ve posted a sign asking people not to ring the doorbell but UPS seems to do it on autopilot. Can I disable the video doorbell from ringing? If not, is there a way to unpair it from the Alexa? I never paired it - she seemed to automatically recognize it and send alerts.


Yes and Yes. You can lower the ringer volume for the sound the actual Video Doorbell unit plays outside, in the Ring app. Visit your Video Doorbell Device Settings, then select General Settings, and turn down the volume slider there.

For the Alexa integration, simply follow the step in this Help Center article, in the Alexa app, and choose to “Forget” your Ring device for it to no longer use the integration. I hope this helps, and best wishes from the entire Ring Community! :slight_smile: