Disable chirp on base station

I think the chirp toggle should be an option on the base station like it is on the keypads. Doesn’t make sense that you have to turn the volume all the way down to silence the chirps. I haven’t tested it, but I’m assuming if the volume is down the siren is also silenced.

Hey @jameshearttech. Thank you for your feedback here! There are two ways to turn off these chirps. You have found the first one with turning down the volume of the Base Station. Rest assured that turning down the volume on the Base Station does not affect the siren, and the siren should still play at full volume when tripped.

The second way is if you go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Settings > Modes > Disarmed > Chirps > Enable Chirps (toggle this off to the left). This will turn off the chirps you hear throughout your home, and allows you to turn the volume back up on your Base Station. This way you can hear any entry/exit delays or any other activity your Base Station will audibly report.