Disable all camera motion detection for all users on demand

Is there a method to easily disable all camera motion detection and recording for all users on-demand? Further, to extend this ability to shared users?

What I am trying to do is determine if there is an easy way via the mobile app to disable all detection/recording when in Disarmed. This would be something we’d use when doing things like working in the yard.

It’s similar to Modes. However, I don’t want to adjust the Disarmed Mode to do this since we currently use that one for property monitoring when we’re home and don’t want the alarm active. So, I’m trying to leave the existing modes alone. Disabling each camera detection, per camera, and per user, via the slide toggle is not feasible.

A Custom Mode might be the answer.

Ring App
Moon icon in upper right
Choose length of time

Hi @user18552. If you would like to control the behavior of all your Ring Devices at the same time, then yes you are correct Mode Settings is currently your only option. We do have a place for ideas here, feel free to post your idea in here for review! :slightly_smiling_face: