Disable a specific push alert


 I like the push alerts when someone is at the door or if the alarm is going off. But I constantly get the "alarm has had it's connection restored" at all hours of the day and night and it keeps waking me up. Apparently I live in a place where the internet goes in and out for a half second at a time 5+ times a day. I checked the push alert settings and there is not one for network or connections and I have reset the router and installed a brand new mesh network and am still getting the alert so I don't know what else to do. I tried contacting chat but they said this was an in depth issue and could not be resolved through chat and to try here.


Hi @raymondlee306. To change this in your Ring app go to Settings > Alarm Alerts > Push and then toggle off the notifications you don’t wish to receive. I hope this helps!

Thanks Tom, I don’t see anything in the Alarm Alerts about systems being restored. Do you know which of them that would be on? My guesses are “Base Station Status” or “Device Status”. And do you know which other alerts I would lose? This is the only one that’s being a nuisance so the less alerts I lose in this the better.

Hi @raymondlee306, happy to chime in for Tom here. Yes the Base Station Status and Device Status will be alerts for the status of the Base Station and the alarm devices respectfully. Feel free to test out the alerts and change them more than once to see what fits your preferences best. :slight_smile: