Difficulty "popping" ball into mount bracket

Hello, all. I have a Spotlight Cam, and I’m attempting to install it today. I have the mounting bracket installed under the eave on my front patio, and the mounting plate on the cam is installed correctly with the ball up. Where I am getting stuck is inserting the ball into the mounting bracket. Everything I’m seeing mentions “popping” the ball into the bracket, but I’m really leaning into it and getting nowhere. Is there some trick to this that I’m missing? Thanks.

Solved. The tightening ring was loose enough to spin freely, but it apparently needs to be completely loosened.


Hi @BKeep3. I’m glad you were able to solve this!

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Indeed they need to be almost completely unscrewed to allow the ball to pop in. I actually backed mine all the way out only to have it drop to the concrete and nearly disappear!

Ring, you should provide an extra collar screw in the box for this very reason.