Difficult Motion Settings

My doorbell 3 plus doesn’t seem to have the exact motion settings displayed in the help articles of the website, it’s really frustrating getting help. With the settings I have it is really difficult to understand how to avoid the road. In the help articles there’s a useful visual with a blue region which you can move to avoid the street - I don’t have that.

I’ve tried lots of settings, but it seems that I can either detect every car or no humans until they’re so close they can push the button, not even helped by pre-roll.
Can somebody help?

Examples: this is useful but doesn’t apply to me
…but this seems useless and does apply to me

Hey @Palpatine. The blue arc that you see in the general motion detection article for our battery devices is in reference to how it looks in the app for the Ring Video Doorbell 3. The settings for your Ring Video Doorbell 3 will be the same as adjusting your settings for the other battery devices, just not this visual that you see in the screenshot. My apologize for this, and I will get this feedback over to the appropriate teams to get that cleared up for future neighbors!

When it comes to your motion settings, what do you have them set to in the app? Could you provide me details of how your set your Motion Wizard and Motion Zones? In addition, do you mind sharing a video example of the pre-roll not helping pick up activity sooner, and what this is looking like for you? Seeing this and what the Doorbell is seeing should help a lot!

Thanks Chelsea_Ring for the response. You first paragraph confused me, did you make a typo? Surely my app should look the same as for the Doorbell 3.

I will send a video the next time it happens. My settings are currently with the near, middle and right zone on and sensitivity at 40-50%. It’s hard to tell what that means exactly but it’s a bit above what I had to do to miss the cars. With people only and verification I don’t get too many notifications but the battery life is the problem, not the notifications - I go away from home for weeks at a time.

PS Why can’t this doorbell have polygonal motion zones like some of the others? I promise it would save battery for people like me, even if the algorithm takes more juice.