Different wifi networks

Q: I have several separate wifi networks, can I have my doorbell and chime connected to two different networks and access all the functionality in the Ring app when connected to the third network? (ie. Is this a supported configuration?)

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I want to know the same thing … I think! We have several cameras under the annual one address cover. We need to put up another camera an acre from our house so I’m going to get a wifi device for that but I’m wondering if it still comes under our annual package in on a different device.

This is a great question neighbors! The Chime is certainly a great and versatile option for extending networks. While there is likely some flexibility with separate networks, it would depend on to what extent this is separated. For instance, a difference between 2.4 Ghz, 5 Ghz, and a guest network versus an entirely different modem/ router configuration, can differ.

The intended operation of a Chime Pro is to extend your network with a dedicated Ring device access point. This means that you can certainly choose to connect your Ring device to that Chime Pro, in which at that point it would be adopting connection to the originating network of the Chime Pro. On the other hand, the Chime/ Chime Pro link device to use as chime capability is controlled in the Ring app. Thus, as long as this Chime device is online at that location, alerts should play for a Ring device linked in the Ring app as normal.

In short, a Doorbell to Chime Pro connection would not have a need to use two different networks, however, linking in the Ring app for chime tone sound alerts will work if they are connected to different networks at the same location. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: