Different Ring Alarm and Schlage lock codes

Hi. I’ve installed a Ring Alarm Pro and also have a Schlage Connect. There appears to be no way to create a separate code to enter the home with the smart lock vs disarming the alarm. Is that correct? Every code that unlocks the house also disarms the alarm. This is a fatal design flaw and defeats the purpose of the alarm. If someone watches you enter the code on the lock they can enter the home and also disarm the alarm! Please advise how to change this

Hi @user35289. If you do not want your Smart Lock to disarm or arm your Ring Alarm System, follow the steps in this Help Center article to do so. The article shows you how to enable the feature; it is the same to disable it except you would toggle it off rather than toggle it on. I hope this helps!

Hi, thanks but that doesn’t actually fix the issue I described. Basically the problem is that when creating a combination for the Smart Lock to enter the home, by default that code is also capable of disarming the alarm system by either entering it into the key pad or telling it to an Alexa-enabled device. So if someone watches me enter the code on my smart lock, they are not only able to enter the home…they also can disable the alarm while they enter. That seems like a fatal design flaw that needs to change!