Different alert tone for different devices?

I have a Battery Doorbell Plus, and I just added a Spotlight Cam Plus.

I tried to set the app so that each would have a different motion alert tone (the doorbell with the stock alert tone, and the cam with another tone chosen from my phone). However, after I did so, the app gives no alerts, even when I have the cam in my hand waving at it. Is the Ring app just not able to use any motion alert tones other than the one that’s built in?


Hi @cyraxote. How did you set the alert tones? Did you do this under Device Settings > Notification Settings > App Alert Tones? Feel free to share screenshots of your settings so I can get a better idea of how you have things configured. It would also be helpful if you can trigger a test motion event on your Camera or Doorbell, and then check the Event History to see if it’s registered there. That would narrow down if the issue is with notifications, or with motion detection.