Different activity in different Mode

I would like to setup different activity in different modes.

In “Home” Mode I want Motion Detection but no warnings

In “Away” Mode I want both Motion detections AND Warning.

But to do that I have to go into all cameras every time

Why can’t I edit the modes accordingly?
Regards Mfudge

Motion Scheduling can help you obtain this, as it will prevent notifications during times you wish to not receive them, but will still capture motion. Modes is a great option for customizing your Camera operation based on the mode chosen. There are some other great features in the Ring app that can also optimize your experience, such as Linked Devices or Motion Snooze.

Hi Marley,
Thank you!
yes i know I can do this under Motion, but then I have t do it every time for each camera, instead of just changing the mode from ex. Away to Home, so it is done for all at once.
Regards Bjarne

Hi @Mfudge. As Marley has mentioned, using Modes to customize your Cameras is a great solution. Visiting the link he shared will show you the different levels of customization.