Differences between New Hardwired and Pro?

I am trying to decide between the upcoming hardwired $59 Doorbell and the Pro. From what I can gather besides the aesthetic differences they are very similar other than 5Ghz and pre-roll on the pro and inability to ring your existing chime on the new hardwired. Huge price difference for such a small feature set difference, I feel like i must be missing something.

Anybody have further insights?

Glad you asked, @LobsterTrainer! In addition to the chime kit functionality and wifi connection feature differences, the dimensions/ size, field of view, and faceplates options will also vary. Check out our Video Doorbell Comparison Chart to see the major differences of each model. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Marley_Ring, I have seen that chart. Unfortunately I guess what I am really interested in is the the not so major differences and more the specifics. Mainly is the camera and related functions better on Pro or the Wired. Clarity, motion detection, speed to connect, false alerts etc.