difference Motion zones with video Doorbell 2 (battery/wired/ solar)


I have bought a video doorbell 2 to use on battery, because I am not able to wire it on the location I need the doorbell.

now I experienced that the 3 motion zones you can (de-) select are not sufficient to select the places I want to monitor ( part of my neighbours driveway is in the middle zone, so if I deselect that one, I also can’t record the biggest part on my own drive).

So I was wondering, since you have more options with the wired version to select certain specific area’s, do you also get the same flexible motion zone options when I would buy a solar charger for my doorbell? because as I understand the main reason for the fewer options is sparing the battery, so I would think that since your device gets enough solar power, you would get the same functions as with a wired version, but I can’t really find information about this specific matter.

another thing I was wondering, if I would install a solar panel, would I also be able to get recordings of more than 30 seconds? because now it stops recording after 30 seconds, even if there is still motion at that time… which is quite inconvenient since you miss big parts of what’s happening at your door.

Anyone? ?