Difference in ring tones.....Help..!d

We have tried to change our ring doorbell to a more christmassy one and so we have gone for the ‘Deck The Halls’ tone. However, despite that tone playing inside the house and on our phone alerts, when you stand outside and ring the bell you can only hear the ‘standard’ ring doorbell tone. If you chance the tone should it not change when you press the doorbell as well and so be audible to the person calling at your house…? Any help would be gratefully appreciated…!

Hi @user72036. At this time, the ringer on the Doorbell itself cannot have the tone changed from the standard tone. Changing the alert tone in the Ring app changes the tone played from your phone, and you can also change the alert tone for the Ring Chime or Chime Pro. You’re welcome to add your feedback to our Feature Request board.

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