Difference between Ring stick up cam plug-in and battery

  1. What is the different in motion detection zones setting in Stick up cam plug-in and battery? are they both exactly same with customizable user defined zones like in Ring pro door bell? review videos showed stick up cam battery only had default 3 zones to turn on/off only.

  2. is there delay in recording on motion between the two?

  3. is there difference in motion alert notifications delay between the two?

Hey @Raza. The Stick Up Cam Battery and Plug-in differ in the ways you get power to the device, but not in their motion detection abilities. Both will have motion detection similar to the battery operated devices we have, which you can learn more about in our Ring Help Center Article here. If you are interested in getting motion detection like your Pro, you will want to look into getting theStick Up Cam Elite.

Any delays in recording will be how you have your Motion Frequency configured in the app, as well as any network concerns you may have if your network speeds are too slow, you have a poor upload speed, or if the internet is down and the device is offline. Please note that both the Plug-In and Battery Stick Up Cam will only have a max recording time of 30 seconds. In addition, these cameras do not have the Snapshot feature yet at this time, if you are in need of that feature as well. Although, this feature should be available soon for these devices.

Any delay that you get in notifications will also be due to network concerns, which include the connection the device has to your router and also the connection your phone has to the internet. If you have a poor connection on either, it may take some time for the device to send the notification to your router, which then sends it to your phone through the internet, wherever you shall be at that time. :slight_smile: