Difference between new gen spotlight pro and new gen floodlight pro0

Hi all, Hope someone can clarify this for me… Im looking at both new Ring Spotlight Pro and Ring Floodlight pro (wired), as a replacement to one of my 1st gen Spotlight cams that have died. Im leaning towards a Floodlight pro as i would like more light in that area, but when comparing both cams, even though the specs look the same (both HDR, have radar, two band wifi, etc), by looking at the pictures, it looks like the new spotlight have the updated design with (newer?) sensors and camera, whereas the floodlight pro still using the old design, just the lights have been changed to oval. Are they trully the same, as far as video quality? Or the spotlight pro is better because of the newer design? I would like to get the one that will provide me the best video quality. Thanks

Hi @Azmp1. Both Cameras you are referring to have equal video quality.

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