Did the smart alerts change? (Ring video doorbell Pro 2)

Front door is no longer identifying ‘Person Detected’

My Ring video doorbell Pro 2 can no longer differentiate motion vs person. Does anyone know if something changed in the detection algorithm or a new software dropped that could have broken it? Does it only detect if it’s a person in the motion zone now?

It detects and records motion, but won’t identify as a person when applicable. It was working on 24 Aug 23, but not on 28 Aug 23 or since. Garage Cam still functions correctly.

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Hi @hungry. Have you checked your Smart Alerts settings to ensure nothing has changed in how you have it configured? Depending on the angle that your Doorbell is installed at and how a person is walking up to your door, they may not always be detected as a person. Other factors such as the lighting can impact motion detection as well. I’d be happy to review an example video if you have one to see if there’s anything I can suggest.

Saw this post related to smart alert on ring doorbell pro 2, similar to my issue. Detection stopped working after functioning properly for more than a year. Called support after several unsuccessful attempts to increase detection. Apparently a script for fixing this issue has already been written.
The fix is to remove Smart Alerts. When I questions why it worked for more than a year and stopped working suddenly ie a bad firmware update, they could explain (not in fixit script). Told me this Smart Alert feature takes up more processing time and a warning detection might be delayed by using this feature was always a possibility. 5 days not working is quite a delay. Pretty sure software update not working properly. Works fine with Smart Alerts off…not so smart if you ask me.

It would appear that after the last update numerous settings were changed. Motion and person alerts changed. My detection zones changed. Smart responses were turned one. I’m having to go through the app to see what else isn’t working as expected.