Did the smart alerts change? (Ring video doorbell Pro 2)

Front door is no longer identifying ‘Person Detected’

My Ring video doorbell Pro 2 can no longer differentiate motion vs person. Does anyone know if something changed in the detection algorithm or a new software dropped that could have broken it? Does it only detect if it’s a person in the motion zone now?

It detects and records motion, but won’t identify as a person when applicable. It was working on 24 Aug 23, but not on 28 Aug 23 or since. Garage Cam still functions correctly.

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Hi @hungry. Have you checked your Smart Alerts settings to ensure nothing has changed in how you have it configured? Depending on the angle that your Doorbell is installed at and how a person is walking up to your door, they may not always be detected as a person. Other factors such as the lighting can impact motion detection as well. I’d be happy to review an example video if you have one to see if there’s anything I can suggest.