Did the Ring Base Station just get louder?

This morning I opened that patio door to let cats out to the deck and the base station notification seemed to be almost twice as loud as it has been for the last couple years - my wife noticed it right away as well. Was this changed in a firmware update? Is this adjustable?


Mine did also.

Same here!

Hey neighbors! You’re not alone in this, as some neighbors have reported their audio settings going back to the default settings (loud) overnight last night. We have addressed the concern and a reboot should fix the volume of the Base Station and put you back to where you were. To reboot your Base Station, you can do so from in the app or on the Base Station itself.

In the app, go to the main menu > devices > Alarm Base Station > (if needed, base station again) > cog/gear icon at the top right > Advanced Options > Reboot Base Station > Reboot. On the physical Base unit, you can do a quick press and release of the reset button but DO NOT HOLD THIS DOWN. Holding it down will factory reset the unit. If a reboot doesn’t resolve the volume concern, you can adjust the slider to another value for the Audio settings on the Base’s profile, save it, adjust it back to where you want it and save again. Overall, the reboot should resolve this, but the second option is just in case. Hope this helps! :smiley_cat: