Devices not connecting

I have the same problem other people have mentioned where my devices do not reconnect if my router is turned off then on or if it does a reboot. I have checked the RSSI levels on all three of the chime devices, as suggested by the feedback on one of the other messages, and they are -56, -66 and -57 which according to the chart fit in between -50 which is considered excellent and -70 which is considered good. The blue light sits there flashing and the only way I have found to reconnect them is to unplug them or switch them off then plug back in or switch back on. The ring bell seems to connect ok. Any suggestions on why this happens and any solutions to resolve it.

If you are using just a single router in an “average” house then likely the connections, despite what you see, are strong enough. What you might try doing is some experimenting with placing the router closer to a couple of your devices, simulating a power outage, and see if they come back on better. If that does turn out to be the case then adding WiFi access points (at a minimum) at various locations in your house may fix it.

Hi @Gerry135. I recommend trying to improve your RSSI. In this Community post here, you’ll see that those RSSI values are not good, but rather needs improvement. You can use a Chime Pro or a mesh WiFi network to improve your RSSI.