Devices missing from app after adding new device

After adding a Ring floodlight cam wired device all previously set up device are now missing from the Ring app dashboard, now where to be found, only the floodlight is showing. Yet I still get notifications from the other devices but can’t control them. Those previously installed devices include Ring video doorbell elite, Ring alarm pro 8-piece, Ring stickup camera HD battery, 2x Ring chime pro. Does anyone know how I get the devices back on the dashboard?

This might be due to having two a Locations. There should be a locations option from the top of your Ring app dashboard, in which tapping it will drop down to other locations.

Alternatively, in the Ring app, open the Main Menu (3 lines, top left) and tap your locations from the top most area of the menu.

In the same Main Menu visit the Settings option if you need to make changes to your locations. :slight_smile:

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