Device Speaker Volume adjustment on Ring doorbell

I got my first Ring doorbell ( 2nd gen). It is installed in an apartment building. The speaker is so loud that i am sure it disturbs people in the building.
Had two chats with CS. Both insist i should have “Device Speaker” volume slider in the app under Device - General Settings - Volume settings. But i only have Doorbell Sounds slider there. Seems a UI element is missing in my app ? Did anyone encounter that please ? What should i do to solve ? My app is on iOS


Hi @Ringer12345. Apologies for any miscommunication from our support team, but not every model of Ring Doorbell has a volume slider for the speaker volume. Only the Video Doorbell Pro 2 has a volume slider specifically for the speaker, while the other models do not. You’re welcome to add your feedback to this request from our Feature Request board. We utilize the Feature Request board to gather and share new ideas with our teams here.

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