Device show as offline


I’m using Ring Doorbell for about a month and everything work fine.
After the latest update for the app the device shows as offline because lack of wifi connection.
I’m still getting notification for everything but can’t change device settings.
In addition, the live view is not working at all, unless someone ring the bell and i click the pop up notification on my mobile device (live view open when i perform that action only 10% of the time).
I’ve followed eveything that has been written in the support manuals such as

  1. Reset the router.
  2. Reset ring door bell.
  3. Hard reset.
  4. Reset to factory settings.
  5. Remove the device from the account and re-add it.
  6. Set up the device when it sits on my router (literly)

Nothing from the above helped me and I’m trying it on regular bases for the last two weeks!
The chat option is un available and I can’t reach the support via calls.

I’m using Ring doorbell 1
Wired connection.
Battery always above 90%.
RSSI Always above 60.
Bought one month ago (brand new from the store)

FYI - after I’m resetting the live view work for 1-2 minutes (not all the times) and then the device show as offline again even if I didn’t move from my router.

Have anyone encounter that issue as well?

lucky I have not started subscription because if it works like that its just not worth it at all.

Hi @Judith64. Thanks for including a lot of details about your concern in your post. You mentioned that the RSSI for your Doorbell is always above 60, which could be why you’re having connectivity problems. Wtih RSSI, a higher number indicates a less stable connection which can cause intermittent connectivity concerns and the inability to access the Live View. I’d suggest reviewing our Help Center Article on RSSI here for some tips on how to improve the signal your Ring is receiving. With a lower RSSI, your Ring should maintain a stable connection which should clear these concerns up.

If this concern still persists after improving the RSSI, our support team is available to take a more in-depth look and offer more advanced troubleshooting support steps. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

My Doorbell is doing the same thing this morning, been working ok since installation, must be a new update that has not been tested again, Congrats Ring you’ve dropped the ball again!!!


Mine is doing the same exact thing this morning. Will not let me view “live view” and says it’s offline. I just reset my router but it’s the same stuff. Come on Ring, we pay good money to have our house secure and safe, fix this!

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Same here my spot cam says the same thing no live view and keep saying no internet. But I can see pervious snapshot

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Problem posted by Ring, Investigating, wtf, test updates before releasing them, I don’t like being a tester

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Hi neighbors! Thanks for sharing your feedback here. With a device showing as offline, you’ll first want to check the RSSI and make sure it’s within an acceptable range. You can find more information RSSI in our Community Post on it here, as well as in our Help Center Article here. If your Ring device has a high RSSI, this can indicate an unstable wifi connection which can cause the connection to intermittently go out. Improving the RSSI is the first step in ensuring that your Ring maintains a solid internet connection.

Additionally, you can find more tips and tricks on wifi in this Help Center Article. If you’re using a 5.0GHz network, I’d suggest trying a 2.4GHz network instead as it has a farther effective range while still providing sufficient speeds for your Ring device. You can always contact your internet service provider if you have any questions about what type of wifi network you have, including what internet speeds are included in your plan.

If none of these suggestions help and your Ring device is still consistently showing as offline despite both the device and your phone or tablet having a good internet connection, it may be best to reach out to our support team so they can take a deeper look. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. I’ll be marking this post as a solution so it’s easier for neighbors to find all of the information I’ve shared, as well as contact information for our support team, in one spot. :slight_smile:

this is not the solution!!! stop taking credit

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I have a Ring Video Doorbell Pro.
Firmware says up to date.
RSSI-52 - green - that should be good enough. It is apparently good enough…
The device is continuing to send screenshots ok via WiFi.
It says it is offline though, why, when it isn’t?
My router sees the doorbell device connected ok.
I cannot view live though, because the app says it is offline.
It’s good that you guys saw the problem. But!

Any idea that this was fixed a couple of days ago is wrong (per the notification on Ring System Status in the app.

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As you can see from the WiFi signal on my phone in the screenshot, there is no power outage. Everything work’s ok, except the doorbell device/app.

We just got an alarm kit to install. I have not unboxed it. Having second thoughts now…

Correct. The suggestion that this was the solution is incorrect. There is still a problem.

EDIT (because I already used the 3 posts allowed on a thread)

Solved. I had to get the security screw off to remove the faceplate and use the reset button to enter set up mode, and press again to reconnect. It worked. All back to normal.

If anyone else is experiencing this issue, where your device is online even though the app says not, try the above. Hope this helps others.


Mine has stopped working, showing offline, ive removed device re added it, told me wrong wifi password which is correct as ive got a ring bell video on the front door as well as a chime, im at a loss

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I have the new Wired Video Doorbell and an Alexa Show. I was getting all the notifications for Motion and People Detected until 2 days ago on all my devices but then it suddenly stopped. I have checked both my Ring and Alexa App and notifications are enabled but I still get nothing on my tablet, phone, or echo show. Ran a health test on the doorbell and it is good. If I ask alexa to show the doorbell it works fine. Rebooted my router twice. Wifi Signal is great.

I don’t know what I am missing.

Same issues here.
Doorbell, 2 Chimes, 1 Chime Pro.
Stopped using the Chime Pro as it kept losing connection and impossible to reset.
Chimes: FYI, Ring tech dept, going through the motions to re-connect a Chime using the app on an Android phone (Galaxy S10+ or S21Ultra) DOES NOT WORK. When it tells you to connect to the Ring Wifi network, choose “continue anyway”, the screen just stays there. There is NO NEXT STEP! So it you backstep it, it says “You sure you want to stop connecting it” to which the only reply is, obviously, yes. Back to square one. Ridiculous. I have to get my daughter, with her iPhone, to connect it.
The Chime in the front hall is 2m from the Mesh unit (TPLink Deco) and the Router, 6m from the front door and the doorbell. RSSI is 49, so below 60. Internet at home is great. But occasionally it drops, then comes back after a couple of minutes. The Chimes seem to go offline and stay offline every day. This is exhausting and I’m thoroughly unimpressed.
The product should be great, in theory. In practice, it still has a ton of bugs. The idea of being able to see and speak to delivery people when you’re out of the house is great, but frankly, the Chimes are useless and too frustrating. We’re just going to rely on our phone apps from now on. So I have 2 Chimes and a Chime Pro I need to return and get a refund on… Can you please organise?

Still having the issue here, even after a reset. Has anyone else found any other solution to the problem please?

Apologies, but this solution did NOT work for me at all?


Our doorbell is saying Offline. It still records but can’t view live or when someone rings it or sets the motion off

When my front doorbell goes offline, all I do is these simple steps. Works EVERY TIME.

#1. Use ring screwdriver to remove bottom screw

#2. Remove faceplate

#3. Disconnect battery

#4. Count to five

#5. Reconnect battery

#6. Reattach faceplate

#7. Fasten bottom screw with Ring tool

#8. Wait for flashing blue lights

#9. Ring your doorbell. (My favorite part)

#10. Pat yourself on the back for not hard resetting your doorbell.

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Thank you for sharing the steps that worked for you, @3cb7d64fecfa5c6a71530a70a9ac4d! Hopefully other neighbors find this helpful as well. :slight_smile: