Device sharing #2

I want my wife to be able to view every feature of our ring video doorbell that is available to me in

the app on her phone.
I have created a “Ring” account for her. On my app I have sent her an invitation as a shared user. She accepts and is asked to input a verification code. Annoyingly this code has to be generated by me. When she enters this code she is told it is invalid or expired. After multiple trials she (we) have got to the point where she has to add a device! What I expected was that she would immediately see what I see when I open the Ring App on her app. Does she really have to go through all the business of scanning the doorbell’s QR code (which will involve taking the device off the wall!) or have I done something wrong? This rigmarole is a real pain!

I managed to sort this out - eventually. The problem was when I sent the invite, my wife was notified and on clicking on “manage” was sent to a screen headed “Shared Users” with no indication what to do next except press another button marked “manage” Anyway I eventually found our way to a screen that said “Accept” no idea how. but all ok after that. I would suggest that “Accept” be on the next screen after the “manage” one!

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Hi @JamesAB. Glad you were able to figure that out and thank you for this valuable feedback!

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