Device says low battery but fully charged

I’m experiencing the same problem as many others in this thread with regards to my Ring DB 2. I took the battery out to charge it. After using the included micro USB cable and charging until the green light indicator showed fully charged, I am still unable to get my Doorbell back online, and the App still shows “critically low battery at 7%.” I’ve tried resetting my modem, resetting the Doorbell, setting up as a new device, setting up via my iPhone App, setting up via iPad app, reconnecting to WiFi, etc. nothing has worked thus far. I also have a Ring Alarm and the Base is offline as well and will not connect to my WiFi. Thus, my issue seems to be that the Ring devices (and i’m not having any issues connecting any other devices to my WiFi) are not connecting to my WiFi. Please let me know what other solutions I may try to get my Ring devices to connect to my WiFi network. For instance previously, my doorbell would not connect to WiFi because the password had a special character in it. Once the password was changed to one with no special characters, then the doorbell connected easily to the WiFi network. The WiFi password no longer has any special characters, but I am again not able to connect my Ring devices to my WiFi network. Thank you.

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I know this an old thread but I was having this issue and after other suggestions failed I did a “force stop” on the Ring app and I when I reopened it, it was showing the correct battery percentage.

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After 4 months of no issues, I’ve now encountered this problem for the first time. Appears on these forums it’sa commonRing issue. I’ve force closed the app, pressed the doorbell and also uninstalled the app. Battery still showing 23% even though fully charged battery has gone in. RING - WE NEED ANSWERS AND HELP IMMEDIATELY

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Urgh! This still hasn’t been fixed in Ring4??

I have the same problem - charged and reinserted the battery after it hit solid green. It says it has 3% battery left and won’t work.

How have you brought out Ring 4 without addressing this problem?? wtf?

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Same problem, with troubleshooting I found that I was switching out the batteries too fast, as I have two batteries, I was not giving the device enough time to fully power down before installing the fully charged battery. This happened the first time to recharge battery on a refurbished Ring 3, says 4% battery, although it is actually 100% charged, will not let me use live camera. I am hoping it is because I exchanged the charged battery quickly as I have two batteries, without giving it a chance to fully turn off before quickly inserting the new battery… Only time will tell. Before pulling the battery out for 30 seconds to give time for a full shut down, I had working motion notifications but no live feed available after buying a new second battery to save time… Only to waste time troubleshooting something that should be fixed after so many disassitified customers have had the same problem on three design releases Ring 2 and 3 and 4! Instructions just need to be updated to state a wait reasonable time period before inserting the charged battery if using multiple batteries.

I have also had the exact same issue we’re ring doorbell 2 looses live view due to battery low. Tried rebooting, tried taking battery out and charging and then ordered a replacement battery for £19.99.

I still have the same issue. This is clearly a software bug and for a premium product it’s very disappointing. Maybe I should have gone with cheaper alternatives ?