Device not compatible with region. (BC, Canada)

I got a new setup, and I’m trying to set up the base station, but when I connect it, it says " This system may not be compatible with your region". If I ignore that, and continue setup anyways, I’m unable to add professional monitoring with the same error. I deleted the device and location, and tried in other locations / with other addresses, but same error. Looking online, it seems like maybe I got sent a base station that is for some pro version in the US (Has a large N icon with a C and US beside it on the bottom) and won’t work in Canada? I ordered directly from the ring site and got it shipped to me in Canada. Am I missing something? Has anyone else had this problem? Tech support just keeps telling me it won’t work in my region, just keep thinking I’m in Quebec, or blaming local bylaw (when it is their system that won’t accept the device). Thanks!

For anyone with the same issue, I tried again to reach support, got bumped up a few levels to finally have a senior tech tell me they did send some alarm base stations to Canada that don’t work here. They are sending me a replacement.

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