Device keeps "Joining A Wrong Network"

My ring alarm base station decided to get off the home network. I tried reconnecting it to the WiFi/Ethernet. After it was online, my other devices are saying “device joined a wrong network” or “waiting to connect to a network”. I have factory reset all devices and they still won’t connect to the alarm base. Any suggestions?

Hi there, @german.hall2! This is certainly an odd error to receive. Although you mentioned trying this already, ethernet connection is most reliable and is a great step for reconnecting. While the Base Station is connected via ethernet, please ensure the Alarm is not in cellular or batter back up, as this can limit operation. Resetting your Alarm devices was a great call, there is also a reset zwave network in the Ring app, however, this method might require you having to setup all of your Alarm devices from scratch. A reset on the Base Station could also help here.

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