Device Health Tab is not providing details about connectivity discontinuity

After recharging the battery the Ring Security Camera Spotlight Plus (Wireless) did connect to the WLAN properly, showing up as online in the Ring App (Signal Strength RSSI -69). After 2 hours the camera went offline, although the WLAN was still accessible (verified by my Smart Phone).
12 hrs later the Camera was online again.
Unfortunately the Device Health Tab is not indicating the reason why the device went offline.
On top of this cannot provide log data of the history showing login, logoff, signal strength etc. to support further investigations.

Proposal #1: Add some additional information to the status to point to possible reasons the user and can work on.
Proposal #2: Because above details may rely on network connectivity they can also be stored on the Camera device to be accesssible once the device has been reconnecte

HI @user48216. The RSSI is a measurement of the device’s signal strength. In this case, an RSSI of -69 indicates a weak or possibly unstable signal, which can result in your Ring device disconnecting from the wifi network. We have some information on wifi signal strength here. However, I’d still recommend adding your suggestion to our Feature Request board. That is the board we use to gather feedback and new feature or product ideas. Thank you!