Device Health Page Not Showing in App

Thank you for this information, neighbors. For now, I have accepted this response as a solution. While we are aware of this concern and as the team continues to investigate, this is a helpful way for other neighbors that come into this thread to know we are aware of the concern. We appreciate your patience and will continue to update this thread with more information. Thank you.

Same issue:
Stick up cam
Iphone 8+
Ipad Air 4
Iphone se
None show the device health page for the stick up cam … works fine on all other cameras.

Same issue.
Iphone x
Iphone 11,
Macbook pro

Tried restarting, reinstalling, nothing works

I called almost 5 days ago about this and no one at tech support had a clue how to resolve. I was told they would work on it and get back to me. Same problem and not a word back since. I was told this is known problem and I can see this from the thread of previous complaints. How long are we all going to be waiting for this to be resolved? This does involve home security….


In addition to having a blank cam health page I am getting a poor wifi signal notification.

iPhone 12 Pro
IOS 14.7.1
Stick up Cam (3rd Gen) Battery
Ring app 5.43.0

Ditto on the problem - no device health page info showing
2 x Stick Up Cams

Same here.
3 Ring Stick Up Cams
Iphone 11 Pro Max 14.7.1

I have had the same problem for a week on four stick up battery cameras. No device health, just a blank page. Tried reboots as above - nothing. Obviously a technical issue needs resolving asap!!

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Same problem here
3 stickup battery cams health device is blank, one of the cameras was low on battery and the battery icon is showing up (orange and then red) and says the percentages if you click on it, solar charging is still working fine. 1 stickup cam is for the first time saying low WiFi signal and it’s actually the closest camera to my router like really close, this has only started happening since last app update. Ring door bell is working fine.
iPhone 12 Pro
Ring app 5.43.0

I have the same issue- blank page on device health on all stick up cams

Same here! Since the past weekend!

I have the same problem on mu stick up cam battery , no device health or battery status

Opening this, it says the topic has been solved - WHERE?? blank white page continues…

I have seen NO solution, NO response from the Ring company and over a 45 minute wait time if you even think you can get through to customer service. WHERE IS the CUSTOMER SERVICE??? It sure would be nice if someone from this company would RESPOND HERE with at least a progress report or ETA of this part of the service to be working again! Ever hear of a Google REVIEW???

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Same problem. Wife’s iPhone ok running old 5.42.0 with 14.7.1 phone software. So looks like problem with the Ring 5.43.0 update.

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iPhone 11
3 stick up battery cameras
iOS 14.7.1

Don’t want to bother, but this problem IS somehow urgent, because there is no way to see the charging status of the battery of all the stickup cams solar (3rd gen).

How about reverting the last ios app update until the problem is found and solved?

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Same issue but for Gen 3 Stickup Camera’s only. Gen 2 Camera’s display Device Health.

iPhone 12 and 7
iOS 14.7.1

I am having the same issue here. The timing could have not been worse. This is not right. I also have connection issues which may or may not be related to this issue. You should have detected this device health issue before rolling out the update. This is a security camera we are talking about, and because of the issue here, I’m getting a sense of anxiety with a certain person that will be coming back home tonight!

I bought them about a week and half ago so I will be returning these useless cams back as I can’t reset them. I find this company very unreliable in terms of support quality and connection stability. My experience overall with Ring has been frustrating.

iPhone 12 Pro Max
Stick Up Cams Gen 3

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Device Health page is not working for stickup cams. I’m using iPhone 8 Plus running version 14.7.1 My RING app version is 5.43.0,
The problem is with stick up cams ONLY. Four other products do not have this problem.


Same. All battery stick up cams not display health info. All other cam devices show health info. This happened after the last app update. I contacted support with chat and they told me to call the 800 number. Apparently others having the same issue. Ring needs to fix with an app update. It’s an app software update issue but Ring didn’t seem to understand.