Device Health Page Not Showing in App

Ring Stick up Camera Plug in 3rd generation with Solar Charge panel. Health shows blank page only.
Iphone 12

Same here iPhone 12 running iOS 14.7.1 and app version 5.43.0

Same here
iPhone SE
App 5.43.0
All stick up cams

Device Health page is blank. Issue started about 2 days ago. I have two of these cams; both have the issue:

iPhone Xs
App 5.43.0
Stick Up Cam Battery with Ring Super Solar Panel connected

iPhone 12 mini
Ring app 5.43.0
Ring stickup cams x 5 (4 battery, 1 mains)

Doorbell is ok.

Same here iPhone 11
Stick up cam

iPhone 11and a iPad; stick up cam (1 solar and 1 battery). APP version 5.43. No device health page since Aug. 28

I’m also facing the same issue with my all 3 stick up cameras. All 3 are outdoors . Seeing the issue last 4-5 days.
Phone - iPhone 7 Plus
Ring app version - 5.43.0
Stick up camera

no device health page
iphone 12
3 stick up cams battery/solar panel
app version 5.43.0

side note “indoor” cam device health page working properly

Still no device health for stick up cam, when will this be fixed so we know when to change the battery??? It would sure be nice if someone from Ring would COMMUNICATE with us.

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device Health not working on my iPad or iPhone since last update

I also have the exact same issue here in Germany

iPhone 11 Pro
Only stick-up cameras affected
App version 5.43.0

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Same problems here as noted above.

4 brand new latest version 3 battery stick up cams. First one installed had 'Device Health" working fine, then update happened and now “Device Health” on IOS iPhone-8 Ring App is BLANK!

Next 3 cameras started updated during install process - “Device Health” showed up as BLANK in IOS iPhone-8 Ring App.

If this is not fixed soon I will have to return ALL 4 cameras.

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iPhone XR
Stickup cam Battery only
App version 5.43.0
Also Stickup cam Battery not listed in Chime Pro’s Device Health. Also when I select Chime Pro Network in the Chime Pro section the ring app closes!

iPhone 8 and iPad Pro….not showing device health

I have the same problem

iPhone 11, IOS 14.7.1, App 5.43.0
Device Health blank for 4 stick up battery cameras. Ring wired doorbell is showing the proper Device Health screen.

Can we please get an update on this issue? Thank you.

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I use iPhone 7. Why does Ring-Tom say this is solved?