Device Health Page Not Showing in App

I have Ring Doorbells and Stick Up Cams. In the app, the Device Health page is blank for the Cams. The page shows data for the Doorbells. Therefore, this is only a Cam problem. I’ve rebooted my phone (iPhone). I’ve rebooted the app. I’ve used the app on my iPad. The result is always the same - a Blank Device Health Page. Any solutions?


I have the same problem with a ring stick up cam. The ring doorbell is working fine but the same blank page with the stick up cam now


Yep. I have 4 cans and one of them refuses
To show its device health page.

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I have same problem with 2 battery cams. Have 4 other cams including doorbell and all show device health. Happened only to battery units.

Same problem here. I have doorbell, floodlight cam, and stickup cam. All was working perfectly till I updated to 5.43 recent app. Both of my iphones all the sudden blank page on Device Health screen just for Stick Up Cam. I know the update caused this because it first did it on my phone after the update so I checked my wifes phone before updating the app and it was working fine. Then I updated her phone about 10 minutes ago and now device health is blank on her phone too! This will obviously be a widespread problem, ring should address this soon

Same for me. stick up camera device health page is blank after app update.

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Called Ring Support. This effects iphone users and they are aware and working on a fix


Same here, no info for stick up cam battery, but plug-in cams show device health info.

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How long did take to get thru? I’ve called twice and each time the estimated wait time was more than 45 minutes!

Just checked an android phone that I have. New install of the ring app. Device Health worked fine. Must just be limited to IOS devices.

Same here…not able to access device health for stick-up cam solar on iPhone 11, iPhone XS or iPad Pro. Guess that we’re awaiting an update from Ring?

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Same here. Happened first on iPad running iOS 14.7.1 yesterday. I checked my iPhone running the same 14.7.1 and it worked. Then this morning the iPhone and two other iPads are having the same problem. You would think Ring has a moderator reading these forums that would acknowledge the issue and give us some info. Their customer service is a nightmare.


Same issue w all my ring battery stick up cameras, regardless of iOS update. Health page is blank. Ring has great product but horrible customer service & updates on issues

I am having the same problem with my IPHONE and IPAD.

Just found the same thing. Plug-in stickup cam. Functioning fine. Just no device health in app. iOS iPhone X.
Any solutions ?

Actually. I checked all my cameras. I have four stickup plugins. Device health missing from all. They’re functioning. Just health doesn’t show in app. iOS iPhone X. Also ipad.

All the others work and display health.

Same issue here with my ring stick up cam - I’m sure they’re already aware but just keeping this bumped.

My two cameras have got the same problem for last two days.Device health page shows nothing.Everything else is okay.

Same blank display page for health page. On iPad 8 gen device.

Same issue here as well on iOS. Still a problem. Any ETA on a fix for this?