Device health not working

The device health is not working on all my devices on iOS 15.1.1 on iPhone 12 Pro any help

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Same here. Device health not loading for any of my devices. iPhone 11 Pro Max iOS 15.1.

Same here, Device Health won’t load from 3 Android phones and 1 iPhone. App is up to date on all devices. Stopped working evening of 11-22.

The Device Health info actually loads fine on the soon-to-be discontinued Ring Windows desktop app.

Has anybody connected with support yet?

I’ve not contacted support, no. I don’t have the time or patience to do so after my last experience where just like this issue, the problem was most definitely on Ring’s side of the fence.

I have Android latest ring app device heath not working on all my 9 devices for nine ring devices. I just spoke to support on another issue mentioned it and they acted like they had not heard about it was on my end. They made me try all kinds of stuff in my house no help. I googled it and found this going back to august.

I’m having the same issue with the Device Health button in the Ring App for iOS, when I click the Device Health button for either my Chime Pro or Floodlight Camera it just brings up a white box with a spinning blue circle for about 30 seconds and bounces me back to the menu screen for the device?
I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app with NO success? This is very frustrating and my floodlight camera has never properly worked the video is still freezing from time to time even know I’ve added my Chime Pro to improve the flood lights connection but I have NO way to know if it actually worked because the Device Health button for both the camera and Chime Pro don’t work!
Is RING even working on this issue or do they consider it resolved even know reinstalling the app doesn’t work? If you think it’s resolved I need to return my defective equipment !

Same issue here. We have multiple devices, over a dozen, and device health is not working on any of them on multiple interfaces. Two different iOS phone and two different iPads, as well as one android.

It is defiantly on Rings end

Same issue here. I called 3 weeks ago and they said someone would reach out to me. Never heard back

We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble loading the device health for your Ring devices. Rest assured that our team is investigating and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

For now it is recommended to check for the following:

  • Try loading the device health from wifi only and then cellular/mobile data only, to see if there is a difference.
  • Reboot your modem/router.

As mentioned above, our support team is always available for further assistance. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Just to add, this issue is still (or has come up as a regression) in the most recent Android release of the Ring app.

Attached is a brief video of this spinning circle when opening the Device Health shortcut for my Ring Pro (v1) camera.

This behavior happens when opening Device Health from both a Wifi and cellular connection. Once opened (Device Health), the app. becomes unresponsive and I have to force close it and reopen to use the Ring app again!

Android app. version : 3.54.1
Phone - Samsung S10+ running Android 12

Clearing Cache and App data works but is NOT an acceptable workaround as I have to reset notification preferences etc.


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Ring app does not work with VPN. Disconnect it and try again

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I found that clearing cache and restarting phone corrected this issue without any loss of settings. I did not clear data.

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Hey neighbors. If you find that your Device Health page is not loading, please try the following:

  • If you have a VPN on your phone, disable it or exclude Ring traffic as the Ring app is not compatible with the use of VPNs.
  • Try loading the Device Health page from wifi only and then cellular/mobile data only to see if either connection type is different.
  • If you have a different smartphone or tablet, log into your Ring account on there and try to load the Device Health page.
  • Clear the cache and app data before rebooting your phone to see if that resolves this.

I hope these troubleshooting steps help. If this concern persists, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.