Device Health (battery charge)

Just re-charged my doorbell (original ring), flashing ring on it showed full on, no flashing segments, 100% charged right? Checked Device Health a few hours later and it still shows 32% charge which is what it was when I got the warning that it needed re-charged. Why hasn’t it changed to 100%? Is there a force update somewhere? Is this a sign the battery is going to give out or what?

I’ve found the battery powered devices don’t update their charge state in the settings but once a day. Wait until tomorrow to check the battery level.

one day didn’t do it, I’m on day two,still no update - but thanks for you answer.

I assume since it’s been two days that there have been some events triggered, but if not trigger some type of event in order to make the battery level update. The battery info isn’t real-time and is updated whenever data is sent to Ring’s servers.