Device Health always shows Battery Level as 100%

I have had my Ring Doorbell 4 for a few months now and despite daily multiple use the Device Health always shows Battery Level as 100% . Anyone else have this issue? And, if so, did they manage to resolve it? It seems unlikely that I have a Magic Perpetual Motion Powered Battery and would prefer to have more confidence in the reporting of the Battery Level…

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Hi @Harps. How do you have your Ring Doorbell 4 installed? If you have it hardwired into your existing doorbell circuit, this does provide a trickle charge each day which can help keep the battery topped off between charges. Depending on how many motions, dings, and Live Views you have each day, your Doorbell could remain at a high charge if it’s hardwired in and receiving that trickle charge.

Otherwise, if the Doorbell is running strictly off the rechargeable battery, then you can take the Doorbell through a fresh setup to make sure you’re seeing the most updated battery level. Follow the steps under Set Up a Device in the Ring App to complete a new setup. Once that’s done, activate the Live View or trigger a test motion event and then check the Device Health page to see the battery percentage. :slight_smile:

I have a similar situation. My doorbell is hardwired. The Android Mobile Ring App says the power status is 79%. When I also look at device health using my Windows laptop logging into my Ring account using a browser it says the power status is 100%? i assume the mobile app is more accurate at this point?