Detection through glass

Hi, I have purchased an indoor / outdoor battery stick up cam and the set up asks if using it inside pointing out through glass, so presume it can do this, however mine doesn’t pick anything up.
Am I missing something, please?

Make sure you have the night vision turned off. The IR light just reflects off the glass and you don’t see anything. I have a setup like this looking out on my driveway, works fine during the day, but is useless at night.

@LiliT Always going to be a work around. Just install it outside. Glass in the way is always going to cause issues as you are putting a barrier between the camera and the target. Also as stated it will be totally useless at night.

I have several indoor cameras installed behind glass. The motion detection works just fine during the day. As already noted, make sure you turn the IR off, but even then they do not work as well at night as any indoor light causes reflection.

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