Detection range on battery cam way less than PoE cam

A couple of years ago I set up a Ring security system with four Ring PoE cams (Stick Up Cam Elite with POE adapter) at my in-laws’ house. The system performs very well, picking up all the motion disturbances around their house. Before I used a motion zone to exclude the street, which is 175 feet away, alerts were often generated when a vehicle went by on the street.

A PoE or AC-powered setup is not practical at my house, so I bought two Stick Up Cam Battery cameras (Gen 3, I think), expecting similar performance. Unfortunately, performance seems not similar at all. The sensitivity is very poor. About half of daytime motion events are missed. At night, all motion is missed.

One cam is mounted on a tree trunk in front of the house, aimed at the house and driveway. The other cam is mounted on a tree trunk behind the house, looking at the back of the house, driveway, deck. The distance between the cams and motion I want to detect is 40 to 60 feet.

I have set every setting I can find to maximize motion sensitivity.

  • turned off Smart Alerts
  • turned off Advanced Motion Detection
  • increased the motion sensitivity slider to the max
  • set motion frequency to Check Frequently
  • I tried Color Night Vision on and off; no difference in detection

Is there anything else for me to try?

Exterior lighting really helps to trigger motion events on the cameras. It also greatly improves resolution of the video. Is there a way you can turn on a porch light or other at night and experiment a bit?

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Thanks t-e. But I’m as much interested in daytime triggering, which completely fails, actually, more than half the time. As far as nighttime, someone can back out of my garage with headlights blazing (I’ve seen it on live view) as well as a bright motion-activated floodlight that goes on and lights up the whole driveway near the garage, yet nothing is triggered.

I called Ring tech support, which was quick and to the point. I was told the the Stick Up Cam is reliably good to a 30-foot distance. He told me there would be no good solution to my need for greater triggering range except to get the PoE cams instead. So, sadly, I’m going to send the Stick Up Cams back.