Detached Garage Ideas

New member here. I’m thrilled that 99% of what my old security company covered is covered by ring at about 20% of my previous cost.

However, I’m disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be a solution for a detatched garage. I currently have a range extender and contact sensors installed, but now I see that these do not work in cold temps.

I want to know if there is a break-in in my garage. How have others solved this problem?

I have the Nexx Garage app so at least I can see if the door is open, but I’d also like to add some kind of security alert.

Thanks for any suggestions!


I am in exactly the same predicament living in the Chicago area and just bought this alarm. I have several windows in my garage that can best be suited with a motion detector and the cold here will make it useless.

Even if they had one to fix this issue, I would still have to disable the alarm via the phone app before I even hit the button for the garage to open the overhead door when I get home - not happy about that either. Geofencing would likely fix that.

Well… You could use the retro kit and use 3rd party wired sensors in the garage?

Not sure if this a new kit or not. Last time I looked it was $200 I think.

Well maybe not. looks like it is “Tempermental” also

Would have to run a pair of wires to the house.

I tried :slight_smile: