Deta Doorbell


Sorry I am a total newbie and I just bought a ring wired doorbell.

I have a deta doorbell (C3500A), I’m comfortable enough connecting the actual unit, but I’m confused when it comes to the actual chime I have (wired to the house mains). Im thinking it is not compatible, but does that just mean that it won’t ring the electric chime inside, but will sound on my alexa/phone?

If that’s the case, I’m more than happy as the chime I have drives the dog mad but he would be fine with the Ring…

Does any of that make sense? Essentially can I ignore my current chime (do nothing to it) and my Ring doorbell will work through my phone and alexa?


The Deta chimes aren’t compatible with any smart doorbell. You have 2 possible routes to get it working - replace the chime with a compatible version (it still won’t ring it - you will need a Ring chime, Alexa or just your phone, but will power it), or replace it entirely with a transformer and enclosure. The simplest replacement chime is the Byron 776, and can be bought on Amazon or Toolstation.

Alternative you can use Ring’s transformer, and enclosure for it: DIN Rail Transformer for Wired Video Doorbells – Ring and Enclosure for DIN Rail Transformer (DIN Rail Transformer - 2nd Gen, an – Ring - you can use another DIN rail enclosure instead of the ring one if you want to.

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