Deta C3504 not compatible with ring hardwired doorbell HELPPPPP

HELPPPP…. about to instal my doorbell and noticed it’s not compatible as my newbuild house has a rubbish doorbell installed.
Any advice on how I get around this?
Can’t get a ring plug in adapter anywhere and almost all the other power cables seem not to be compatible!
Would I be better with a new doorbell or a transformer and housing?
Newbie to this so really need some help :weary:

Hi @Laumc3940. Can you please share which model of Ring Doorbell you’re installing? Different models of Doorbells are compatible with different chime kits, and the installation process can vary, so knowing which model of Doorbell you’re looking to install can help me provide the correct information. The name of the Doorbell should be on the original packaging as well as on the back of the Doorbell itself. :slight_smile: