Description of bug fixes with each new release?

Hi. Where can I find a description of exactly what bugs were fixed, or what improvements were made, for each new Ring app release? It would be good to know if a problem one has been experiencing, or feature requested, will now be rectified/active in the latest release. The app store only indicates that same message about “bug fixes” and nothing specific about what was addressed.

Hi there, @trail-explorer! This is a great thought, and I’ve share it with our teams here. In most cases, when something new is introduced, you will be able to confirm this in the Ring app new features section. We will also do our best to keep neighbors updated on features and improvements here in the Community.

Other than those sources listed above, looking in the app store will provide general information on the update available, as you’ve observed. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us, and for being a great neighbor! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have noticed in the Apple iphone app store, it doesn’t give any details on exactly what was upgraded, fixed, enhanced, etc. Also, in the Ring app under What’s New/App Features, the features there are very basic ones, probably from at least several app versions ago. What I’d really like to see is an indication somewhere, either in the app store, or ring app, about specific fixes etc. for the latest app. Thanks!

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