Delivery drivers avoiding ring door bell

I got a notification from fed ex that my package was delivered I check the porch and the ring door bell and no delivery however the delivery driver left a picture of the package on my porch. And mind you I’m at home how did the delivery driver avoid being seen on my camera

Hi @user35749. It’s hard to speculate on exactly what route a delivery driver may have taken when making a delivery to your home, as we do not have a video of this event. Package delivery drivers are typically trying to be quick and efficient with deliveries from what I’ve seen, so they may not take the exact same path as a regular visitor. However, I’d urge you to contact FedEx if you have any problems with your delivery.

There are some who wont press it as they simply don’t want to be filmed but I find often delivery drivers who don’t press it don’t want to speak to anyone or deal with a conversation over the doorbell as they simply want to leave the parcel and go. I use person detection on mine so I can tell when some one is there even when they haven’t pressed the button. Although only works if they come into the camera’s field of view.

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