Deleted clips

My boyfriend ended up getting me a Ring doorbell for Christmas and he ended up setting up shared access For both of our ring doorbells. I deleted him off of mind because I felt like he was constantly wanting to know when I was home and checking up on me to make sure the coast is clear. I still had access to his ring doorbell and he wasn’t aware of that. On January 29 at 12:27 AM, it showed motion on my phone from his ring doorbell as well as 2:19 AM. It also showed motion on my phone from his ring doorbell. I believe he deleted the clips/history and that’s why it shows motion on my phone from his ring doorbell, can anybody confirm this , my ex-boyfriend of two years now is saying he has never seen this. He is saying it was probably an animal or the neighbors, but it would’ve shown a clip/video/history. If that was the case I believe he deliberately deleted the video he wasn’t over that I had access to his camera and decided to let the girl come in the front way for the first time instead of sneaking her In the back way. I literally went outside and stood in front of his ring doorbell, then grabbed his phone and deleted the Clip/video and it showed motion on my phone. I would just like somebody to confirm this if this is what happens and for somebody to confirm if it was an animal like in the past if a neighbor or squirrel walked by it would’ve showed the clip/video.
I would appreciate somebody confirming this. Thank you.

Hi @user75884. We cannot confirm whether a particular video has or has not been deleted from a specific Ring account. When motion is detected, whether this is a person or animal, it will send a push notification if you have motion alerts enabled. Only the Owner of the Ring Doorbell can delete videos from the Event History. Shared Users can access the Event History and view recordings, but not delete a video. I would recommend working this concern out with the parties involved.

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